Simply Slender®

The 4 Day Master Cleanse effectively helps control appetite, reduce bloating and boost weight loss with potent detoxifying and thermogenic fat burning ingredients like green tea, acai, vitamin B2 & B12, goji berry and other healthful nutrients. An easy-to-use 32oz concentrated beverage with a delicious lemonmade flavor, just mix with water.* 

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Look better, feel better and live better with the 4 Day Master Cleanse.

100% Guaranteed, covered by Herbal Brands, Inc. 45- Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

•  Shake bottle well and add 1oz of pre-mixed concentrate to 8oz of water

•  Drink Simply Slender® with 8oz of water over the course of 30 minutes to an hour, 8 times per day

•  Eat healthy, balanced meals with fruits and vegetables at any time throughout the day (avoid large portions)

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