Simply Slender®

The 1 Day Charcoal Cleanse is a detoxifying and thermogenic fat burning pre-mixed concentrate that helps you feel renewed and refreshed. Formulated with activated charcoal, known to absorb thousands of times its own weight, this charcoal lemonmade cleanse helps rid the body of toxins, helps relieve gas, and aids in digestion. An easy-to-use 16oz concentrated beverage with a delicious lemonmade flavor, just mix with water.*

BUY NOW ON AMAZONSSCH-Ingredients-web-copy.jpgLook better, feel better and live better with the 1 Day Charcoal Cleanse.

100% Guaranteed, covered by Herbal Brands, Inc. 45- Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

 Shake bottle well and add 4oz of pre-mixed concentrate to 8oz of water

•  Drink Simply Slender® with 8oz of water over the course of 30 minutes to an hour, 4 times per day

•  Eat healthy, balanced meals with fruits and vegetables at any time throughout the day (avoid large portions)



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