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Why Breakfast is the Most important Meal of the Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But with people’s busy and hectic schedules, who has time for breakfast? Just grab a protein bar and you’re good to go, right? Wrong. Breakfast eaters have it better and they enjoy more benefits than non-breakfast eating folks do. Science breaks down why breakfast-eaters really have it better.

You get a balanced nutrition

Breakfast is essentially “breaking the fast” from the previous night. So you need nutrition – brain food for the day ahead. Breakfast is important but equally important is what you have for breakfast. Instead of cereal, why not have a bowl of oatmeal with slices of banana or blueberries. Oatmeal is rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants and can lower your cholesterol levels. If you still want your morning cereal, try these healthy cereal recommendations from Shape.com to get your cereal fix. Still, a cereal breakfast is better than the typical eggs and bacon according to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. They found that adults who ate ready-to-eat cereal were associated with lower BMIs in women than a high fat breakfast.

Breakfast eaters also did more physical activity. A long-term study in the National Weight Control Registry found that breakfast eaters “reported slightly more physical activity than non-breakfast eaters”.

Eating a healthy breakfast loaded on protein helps you reduce food cravings

A University of Missouri researcher found that eating a healthy breakfast rich in protein “increases satiety and reduces hunger throughout the day”.

"Everyone knows that eating breakfast is important, but many people still don't make it a priority," said Heather Leidy, assistant professor in the MU Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology in an interview with Science Daily.

An omelette with mushrooms and spinach gives you loads of protein, fiber, Vitamin C and A. Make that omelette even better by using only the egg whites. A two- eggwhite omelette has 34 calories, zero cholesterol, 0.11 grams of fat and 7.19 grams of protein! Don’t have time to sit down for breakfast? Put that egg white omelette in a whole wheat tortilla for an on-the-go egg white omelette wrap.

Breakfast helps you beat the midday slump

Typically around 2PM most of us start to feel that midday slump coming on. We lose focus, we get tired and we get sleepy. Eating breakfast means you don’t have the tendency to eat more during lunch time or “carbo load” – which makes the afternoon crash even worst.

Eating breakfast can help you control your weight

Eating breakfast helps prevent overeating throughout the day. The Link between breakfast and weight loss was demonstrated in a 2005 study that found that omitting breakfast “impairs fasting lipids and postprandial insulin sensitivity” they theorized that this could possibly lead to weight gain in those who did not eat breakfast.

In the same study in the National Weight Control Registry, they found that the second common behavior in the participants who lost weight was that they ate breakfast every day.

These are just a few reasons that demonstrate why breakfast is one if not the most important meal of the day. So why skip it? Supplement your breakfast meal by taking 3 capsules of Simply Slender Full Caps. Full Caps contains Glucomannan, a soluble dietary fiber that keeps you full for longer and offers all the benefits of dietary fiber. Buy Simply Slender Full Caps today!


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