Root Crops

The Best Things to Get At A Farmers' Market

Your local farmer’s market is a great way for you to start eating healthily. It’s a treasure trove of organic, fresh and prepared ingredients. Here are a few must-get farmers' market produce to buy on your next visit.


The tomatoes at the farmers' market are the freshest and juiciest. You can taste the difference between a tomato that has been sitting in a produce shelf for days and one that was just picked ripe from the vine. Your local farmers' market may even have heirloom varieties you don’t normally see at the groceries. An heirloom tomato just means that the tomato variety has been cultivated for generations and has not been cross-bred with other varieties.  Because of this they tend have different shapes, colors, sizes than the regular red tomatoes you find at the store. They’re also much sweeter than regular tomatoes and come in a rainbow of colors from red striped with oranges and yellows to green zebra ones to even dark purple hues.

Heirloom and regular tomatoes are great roasted with a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and thyme or eaten fresh in a salad with torn basil leaves and simple vinaigrette.


Berries are notorious for their short shelf life. Most of the berries you find on grocery shelves have been shipped from other states or even imported. It’s a great idea to buy fresh berries from your local farmers' market especially raspberries. Raspberries are among the most delicate fruits. According to True Food TV, raspberries are touched by human hands only once – when they’re picked. They’re so fragile that in order to ship them to your local store they would have to be sprayed with pesticides to prevent mold from growing. Getting your berries directly from the source means they’ve traveled less, they’re fresher and you can ask the growers themselves if the berries were grown organically.

Root crops

Carrots, beets, turnips and radishes are great to buy from the farmers' market. You may even find a few odd ones in there too like yellow, white and purple carrots or chioggia beets. Chioggia beets look like ordinary beets from the outside but cut them open and you’ll see a “bullseye” pattern within. Another great root crop find is Celeriac or Celery root. A staple in French cooking, you’ll find Celeriac Rémoulade in bistro menus across Paris.


According to Cure Joy, there are more than 300 unique types of honey in the United States from orange blossom to blueberry honey to clover to wildflower and even avocado honey. The taste of honey varies depending on the plants and blossoms around the area. Your local farmers' market may have some of these varieties for you to try.


Your local farmers' market may offer you a wider selection of mushrooms than your local grocery store. You can find maitakes, gray and gold oyster mushrooms, king trumpets and much more. These are great sautéed in olive oil with a little butter and garlic.

Paw Paws

You may be surprised what other fruits and vegetables you’ll find at the farmers' market. One such fruit is the Paw Paw. This fruit is actually native to the U.S. and it used to be consumed a lot. NPR’s Tiny Desk Kitchen even did a whole segment on the Paw Paw. Thomas Jefferson loved them so much he sent Paw Paw seeds to France, towns are named after it and yet you don’t see it commercially grown and harvested. Your biggest chance at sampling this all-American fruit just might be your local farmers' market. So the next time you see Paw Paw’s, give them some love and take them home with you. This delicious and underrated fruit is too good to keep a secret.

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