2019 Wellness Trends

2019 Wellness Trends

What are the top wellness trends for 2019?

From all-natural skincare, home products and many more; 2019 promises to be the year of the clean and natural revolution!

Here are the top 2019 wellness trends we’ve compiled that you’ll be seeing more this year.

Clean Sleeping


“Clean Sleep” tops our 2019 wellness trend! According to the Sleep Foundation, around 35 percent of Americans reported that their sleep quality was “poor” or “only fair.” It makes sense that we focus on not just how many hours we sleep but also the sleep quality. Many studies have already associated lack of quality sleep to weight gain and increased appetite. So it's not a surprise to see more health professionals highlighting the need for better sleep.

Thankfully, you don’t need copper pillows, blue light filters or any contraption to sleep better tonight. Just follow these simple steps for a sounder sleep:

  1. Cut down on the caffeine and other stimulants – coffee works when it’s the early morning and you need a morning pick-me-up but not when it’s almost bedtime. Levels of caffeine peak in the blood 15 to 45 minutes after drinking and its effects last 4 to 6 hours. So avoid caffeine after 2pm.
  2. Digitally declutter your room. Stop using your phone, laptop or any type of electronic device about 90 minutes before you go to bed.
  3. Sleep in a darkened and quiet room.
  4. Use a good mattress and comfortable supportive pillows.
  5. Use scents like Lavender to create a calming atmosphere.

Natural Skincare

There are legitimate concerns over the use of certain chemicals like BPA, phthalates and others in skincare products.

In 2012, the “FDA discovered that 400 types of lipsticks contained tiny amounts of lead”. In 2010, they found that popular hair straightening treatment brand Brazilian Blowout had chemicals that turned into formaldehyde gas when heated. There are also the growing lawsuits related to talc and ovarian cancer.

Natural or “clean” skincare companies are now on the rise thanks to the growing need for clean cosmetics. Natural brands like Tata Harper and Jessica Alba’s Honest Company or vegan cosmetics like Cover FX or Axiology experienced significant growth since their founding. In addition, companies are also opting for natural alternatives to certain skincare chemicals like Bakuchiol, an alternative to Retinoids. Bakuchiol has the same beneficial effects to banish dark eye circles and fine wrinkles as Retinoids but without the harsh side effects. It's also vegan!

Try vegan cosmetics, chemical-free skincare or cruelty-free makeup this year!

Color Therapy

Color Therapy or Chromotherapy is used to enhance health and wellness as well as improve mood. Each color is said to have a certain effect on the mind and body. Blue is the calming color, red energizes, yellow uplifts, green is a neutral color, orange improves mood, and purple is the color of tranquility.

Need a color for 2019? Why not use Pantone’s choice for Color of the Year for 2019! Living Coral, a vibrant peachy color that Pantone hopes will create “experiences that enable human interaction and social connection”, is vibrant and instantly makes your mood and day brighter!


Restorative Exercises

Restorative exercises are a combination of poses, movement and breathing techniques targeted at specific areas to release tension. Some of the poses and exercises involve basic yoga poses and stretches.

Doing these group of movements helps your muscles heal and recover from overuse, prevents aches and pains, and improves normal day-to-day movements.

If you sit in front of a computer all day or standing for long periods, these exercises are for you.

Legs Up the Wall Pose

If your legs feel achy or you have ankle swelling at the end of the day, you can use this yoga pose to help relieve aches and fluid retention in your legs.

If this seems a little bit too difficult, the good news is your legs don’t have to be up that high. As long as you’re elevating them higher than your heart with a few pillows, you’re still getting the benefits.

Cobbler’s Pose

For more on 2019 health trends, we’ve also compiled our favorite 2019 health and wellness trends here. Tell us what 2019 wellness trend you’re trying!

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So, when you’re making your choices of how to improve your overall health this year, remember that wellness is more than just physical. Your mental and emotional well-being are just as important to improve your quality of life and achieve your full potential. These 2019 wellness trends can help:

  • Clean Sleep - increase the number of hours and the quality of your sleep by avoiding caffeine and creating a calming and relaxing environment conducive to good sleep.
  • Natural Skincare - try using skincare products that are vegan, chemical-free or even cruelty-free (Pro tip: using cruelty-free products is good for your mental and emotional wellness too.).
  • Color Therapy - brighten your day and your mood with colors like Living Coral.
  • Restorative Exercises - help your muscles recover and heal by using a combination of poses, movement and breathing techniques targeted at specific areas to release tension.



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